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November 17, 2018
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Quarterly Meeting Review
Updated On: Nov 13, 2014

The Collin County Deputies Association would like to thank all of our members who attended the last quarterly meeting of 2014.  We were sorry to hear that Sheriff Box was continuing to deal with personal ailments and wasn't able to join us.  We wish him good health. 

It was great to have the opportunity to recognize what we believe to be the top golfing team in Collin County with trophies for their recent win at the Sheriff's Shootout.  This represents the latest in multiple wins for the associations team, and I hope we can keep it going.

Thank you to Rebecca Lane from GTL Inc, who sponsored the present memberships desserts at Spring Creek during the meeting.  It was great to hear about what her company has to offer the law enforcement community.

Lastly, I hope everyone present had all of their questions answered regarding the re-organization and rumors of a rotation in the operations division of the Sheriff's Office.  I will say that I don't know if a rotation is going to happen in the near future, but I do have a theory on why it may occur.  The Sheriff's Office has performed under the same basic ideology at a time when we have experienced growth at the department.  Some would articulate that the growth alone could warrant change simply because your overall mission and capabilities will change during that time.  I believe that may be part of the reason, but I also believe it's not the largest portion of the reason.  Forgive me, but I usually fall back on two things I have been involved in to help myself explain or rationalize a situation; sports and the military.  To help with this issue I have fallen back to the military option.  We all have different jobs within our respective agencies; i.e. deputy sheriff, detention officer, investigator, fire marshall, etc.  This particular situation is pertaining to deputy sheriff only.  Like in the military your basic core function is as a combantant for the United States.  Secondary to that you might be a mechanic, pilot, payroll clerk, etc.  That relates to deputy sheriff's here at this agency.  We all have the basic function of enforcing the laws of Texas, responding to emergency calls, etc.  Now, some have branched off to traffic, warrants, civil, training, schools, etc.  The secondary jobs that are filled are done so with the expectation that everyone keeps up their proficiency of their core enforcing functions. 

I'm going on a limb here, but I imagine our administration feels we have deputies that if put back in a patrol car wouldn't be able to get the core job done.  I haven't had that conversation with administration, however potential wholesale change in the way business is conducted doesn't happen for just a singular reason.  If we have deputies that can't perform the core enforcement functions of the badge they wear then I can't completely disagree that some form of change is needed.

I believe one of the other factors involved is opportunity for all deputies in the department.  Right now our newer deputies are pretty much locked in on the patrol level for years to come.  If a rotation is implemented it will allow deputies to go to secondary jobs and back to patrol every five years or so.  Opportunity is never a bad thing for anyone. 

Now, that's the positives of a potential change.  Of course, there are negatives as well.  A rotation has the potential to be a bad idea if it is not implemented fairly.  In addition, if the parmeters of the program aren't throughly thought out with the idea to head off as many unintended consequences as possible from the begining; it's going to be a hard program to get behind.  I don't know how throughly administration has thought about this program.  I have no idea if they've thought much about it beyong an initial conversation because nothing is in writing that I know of. 

All I do know is there are positions in the Sheriff's Office that should have a rotation on them right now due to the stresses involved on a daily basis.  I agree that I'd love to see our newer deputies with opportunities and change the idea that moving to a secondary job is the first step towards retiring at the S.O.  I also agree that IF this is done it will impossible to do without upsetting someone.  I have no idea who SOMEONE is, but time will tell who that will be.  There will be a lot of change as the result of a rotation being put in; some bad and some good.  Let's hope administration listens to idea's and is willing to work with the deputies. 

If anyone has questions, feel free to email me.  I may not be able to answer if, but I'll try my best to find the answer if I don't have it.  One thing to keep in mind right now; this is not in writing and to my knowledge is not a policy change yet.  It has simply been a rumor that has caused a lot of attention.  So, please don't read my addressing the rumors as this is happening right now, and you're going to be forced to move.  That's not the case. 

Lastly, I'd like to thank the 2014 executive board for their hard work this past year.  Our membership grew quite well this year and we look forward to further growth in 2015.  I'd also like to welcome Dep. Kim Matthews as your 2015 Sergeant at Arms.  Bellow is the entire 2015 executive board.

President- Mike Rumfield

Vice President- Jared Clark

Treasurer- Terry Toye

Secretary- Mike Missildine

Sgt. at Arms- Kim Matthews

Be safe out there and please let us know how we can help you in the future.

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The Collin County Deputies Association would like to invite everyone to our second quarterly meeting of 2016 on May 5th at 6:30 p.m. We will be at Spring Creek BBQ in McKinney. We will be talking over any transition concerns or questions with the Sheriff's Office in addition to any questions regarding budget. We look forward to seeing everyone there.
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